STYX: Resurrects "Mr. Roboto" for the First Time in Decades

Dennis DeYoung says his former bandmates in Styx did the right thing last week with their first-ever full band performance of their 1983 song "Mr. Roboto," which he wrote.

He writes on Facebook, "[I] can’t imagine how many times the boys were asked the question, 'Hey how come you ain’t playing "Roboto"?' [Former bass player Glen] Burtnik wanted to play it, [drummer] Todd [Sucherman] and [current keyboardist and singer Lawrence] Gowan wanted to play it, and millions of others wanted to hear it. But no, this song ruined the band. And so now, 35 years later nearly to the day, June 2nd, 1983, [when] Tommy [Shaw] quit the band on stage in D.C. because of [of our 1983 album] Kilroy Was Here and [its song] 'Mr. Roboto' and now it’s resurrected. Hallelujah."

"I imagine it will become obvious to them when they perform it…what they have been missing. It’s something I have known for 18 years. And that is people will go bananas when it’s played 'cause they like it, it’s fun. It’s that simple, and a whole bunch of Styx fans became so after hearing this song... Also, the song was placed in the most prestigious spot in their show, the encore, a spot reserved for the big ones. Usually 'Come Sail Away' or 'Renegade'... I predict that 'Roboto' will ultimately become Styx’s most popular song over time. Not because it’s one of our best songs, but because it is what it is."

"In conclusion, to my old buddies I say, welcome to the club and Domo arigato 'Mr. Roboto' for all you have given and I really mean it."

Tommy Shaw and James "JY" Young have both said they're not interested in reuniting with DeYoung. And as for that 1983 album that gave us "Roboto," Kilroy Was Here, Tommy tells us, "It's a great concept. It just wasn't a great experience. That was always my hang-up with it. It wasn't a great band experience. So I think it maybe suffered a little bit because of that."

Tommy adds the "look on people’s faces was something I could feel. And then we got lost in playing it, trying to do a good job of it... And I have a feeling the video posts will be starting later in the song, because the audience is not going to be prepared for it."

He's right -- the only video posted on YouTube starts in the second verse.



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