BODY LANGUAGE: Expert Breaks Down The Royal Wedding, GOOD OR BAD?

If you want to know how Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle were really feeling during their wedding ceremony, we’ve got you covered.

US Weekly asked body language expert Blanca Cobb to break down what she saw.

  • Prince Harry was nervous. The world could see that!
  • The Duchess was calm and poised.
  • Prince Charles was protective of Meghan. Cobb says it’s obvious he knows how precious she is to his son and treated her as such.
  • The couple is very affectionate. When Harry lifted her veil, she looked at him like “he’s my prince.” There were several intimate moments like that during the ceremony.
  • The pair has loads of eye contact with each other. Great sign for their marriage.

In a nutshell, their body language showed what everyone already knows: this is a genuine match with a lot of love. 

Source: US Weekly



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