HEINZ: Shop Creates Heinz Ketchup Ice Cream For Ed Sheeran

Most ketchup lovers like to put the condiment on everything from fries, to chicken nuggets, and sometimes eggs, but how about your ice cream? An ice cream shop in Ireland has made an entire Heinz Ketchup flavor and we have Ed Sheeran to thank for that one.

Sheerios know how much their lad loves ketchup. He’s even got a bottle of Heinz tattooed on his arm. That’s why Irish ice cream shop Gelati has created the flavor to celebrate the singer’s recent shows around the country (he's also set to play another pair of concerts in Dublin).

Gelati’s owner Michael O’Dowd says creating the flavor was tricky thanks to the sugar and salt, which are both used as anti-freezing agents. After a few attempts they finally got the perfect balance. The freshly made red ice cream can be served in a bowl or cone and is topped with an extra drizzle of ketchup. Gelati even offered fans attending Sheeran’s shows free ketchup flavor cones if they drop in. No word yet if Sheeran has paid a visit - but they're clearly ready for him.

Source: People



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