JOHNNY DEPP: Involved in Altercation On Set

According to reports, Johnny Depp lost his cool on the set of his new film "LAbryrinth." Sources say the actor punched a veteran location manager on the set - no word as to why exactly. Well...we know "why," but it doesn't make much sense.

The trouble apparently erupted when Depp took over directing a scene which featured two of his friends as extras. Depp wanted to keep shooting the scene when the time expired on the permit to keep the downtown LA street closed. The producers kept asking to have the time extended, but the location manager told director Brad Furman they only had time for one more take. 

When that location manager told Depp that they had only one more shot, the actor allegedly got irate and began yelling and threw a punch. Snitches say Depp was "drinking and smoking all day" and even offered the location manager $100-grand to punch him. They are also reporting that Depp was pulled away from the scene. 

In “LAbyrinth” Depp plays the real LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigated the murder of Biggie Smalls

Source: Page Six


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