These Are The Not So “Healthy” Snacks To Think Twice About

These Are The Not So “Healthy” Snacks To Think Twice About - Some foods deemed as healthy may not really be.

Just because some healthy foods are combined doesn’t mean they are good for you. Take this anecdote about a woman who wondered why she gained weight while eating doctor suggested oatmeal. Well, she made oatmeal cookies that’s why!

Here are some foods to think twice about:

  • Granola bars. Some are healthy, but the sugar in many are through the roof. Defeats the purpose, right?
  • Yogurt parfaits. Sure, yogurt is great for you and so is fruit, but add the extra sugar and granola and you may as well eat a candy bar!
  • Juice. Juice is full of sugar, albeit natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless
  • Protein bars. Most contain unhealthy stuff like palm oil, vegetable oil, sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and preservatives, Eat Greek yogurt and fruit instead.
  • Canned Fruit. Fruit in canned syrup. Yes, more sugar.

Basically, if a healthy food has lots of sugar, walk away.

Source: Popsugar



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