PIRATES: Reward Tuesday’s Frigid Fans With Ticket Vouchers

MLB teams may not be able to do anything about the brutal winter weather so many fans have had to suffer through while attending early season games.

But they can do something for these “un-fairly weathered” fans who have been coming out.

Which is exactly what the Pittsburgh Pirates did this week when they rewarded the brave souls who risked those very souls while sitting through Tuesday night’s game against the Colorado Rockies at PNC Park.

As a thank you to the 8,869 fans who watched Tuesday’s 2-0 loss to the Rockies in person, they will receive a ticket voucher for a game at a later date.

Something tells me those fans won’t be using it until at least July.

Not just because it is sure to be warmer weather by then, but also because I’m assuming it will be several months before they can feel their extremities anyway.


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