DUH: Facebook’s Reading Those Messages You Send Through Messenger

At this point, it should be understood as common knowledge that you’ve got no expectation of privacy of any kind with Facebook (or really anywhere). With it now appearing that 87-million users had their data compromised with that messy Cambridge Analytica mess, it’s totally that possible you where exposed in some way.

Here’s the rub, though. When you signed up for things like Facebook Messenger, you actually gave them those rights because you didn’t read – or pay attention to – the permissions you were giving them. With that in mind, you might be thrilled to learn that Facebook goes through every single message that’s sent over their Messenger app…




Yeah…even those…and here’s why they do it. 

Even though your messages are “considered private,” your messages are scanned to prevent “abuse.” When you send a photo, their automated systems give it a once-over to detect “known child exploitation imagery.” When you send a link, they scan it for “known viruses and malware.” If you look, you can see that Facebook’s now updated their data policy to make it a bit less “mystical” and easy to understand. Remember to also look at your privacy settings and permissions because a good-sized chunk of what people are pissed off about – they gave permission for. 

Source: Digital Trends


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