LOWER BURREL: Couple Get Married at Supermarket

A Western PA couple decided to exchange vows where they met and now Easter Sunday will always hold special meaning for a newly married couple in Lower Burrell.

Larry Spiering and Becky Smith tied the knot on April 1st at Community Supermarket in Lower Burrell where they first met ten years ago. The two were married in front of about 30 people, including family, friends and customers after Becky finished her usual morning shift at the store.

The pair exchanged vows in aisle 13, where Larry first asked her out a decade ago. A district judge performed the ceremony for the 62-year-old bride and her 69-year-old groom as a customer sang The Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun."

As the icing on the cake, they chose April because his birthday is the 2nd and hers is the 3rd!

Source: ABC News


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