NFL: Investigating Photo Leak Of Possible New Titans Uniforms

Looks like this photo was a bomb.

The NFL is investigating a photo released on social media that is claiming to be a leak of the Tennessee Titans' new navy-blue uniforms, a league source confirmed to ESPN.

The photo shows a Marcus Mariota jersey with a pointed number eight, a navy blue base, accents of Columbia blue on the sides, a red Nike logo and shades of gray on the shoulders.

The Titans are set to unveil their new uniforms, which will feature jersey and helmet changes, during a downtown Nashville street party tonight.

The Titans and NFL have no official comment on the possible jersey leak or ongoing investigation. The Tennessean was the first to report the investigation.

A league source told ESPN that there would likely be some form of punishment, which would be up to the employer—which appears to be an apparel company—of the person or people responsible for the leak.

They should recall those uniforms and make the team wear the Jaguars hideous uniform all season instead.

Source: The Tennessean



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