HEALTH: The Latest Fitness Fad – Stretching

We all know that it’s smart to stretch before and after a workout, but some people are taking stretching to an extreme. Believe it or not, the latest fitness craze is private stretch trainers, with folks shelling out big bucks just to improve their flexibility. 

In New York, private studios dedicated to stretching are popping up all over town, with the studio Lymbr opening up this past January, and another, Stretch*d, opening in May. Private sessions at these clubs can cost anywhere from $60 for 30 minutes, to $100 for an hour, with most clients going about twice a week.

And those prices aren’t even that bad. In-demand stretch trainer John McQueen charges $150 an hour for home visits, and is in such demand he only takes appointments via email.

  • And while you may think you can take care of your stretching all on your own, McQueen insists there’s a real benefit to having someone else do it for you. “Assisted stretching allows the rest of the body to be completely relaxed as [the] trainer guides the client’s muscles to places they couldn’t reach alone.” he explains.
  • And many private stretching clients swear by the health benefits of the extra stretching. One man says it helped him with back issues and muscle spasms, as well as his posture, while another client who was in an accident, insists McQueen helped his mobility issues and got him back to full fitness in three months. As one client points out, “I don’t think of stretching as a luxury. To me, it’s crucial.”

Source: New York Post


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