NFL: Hopes 3-Step Process Simplifies Catch Rule

And in NFL News…the league just admitted that the Steelers beat the Patriots last season!

They just instituted a catch is a catch if the player “reaches for the line-to-gain”…such as Jesse James did!  TD Steelers!  Where’s our Lombardi?

The NFL's attempt to fix the catch rule took another major step forward.

And by forward, we mean towards common sense.

That’s because NFL Senior VP of Officiating Al Riveron announced yesterday that the Competition Committee will recommend simplifying the language of the catch rule next week at the Annual League Meeting.

The proposed rules defining a catch will be:

  1. Control of the ball.
  2. Two feet down or another body part.
  3. A football move such as:
    • A third step
    • Reaching/extending for the line-to-gain
    • Or the ability to perform such an act.

But just because the catch makes a little more sense we still won’t be subject to plenty of senseless replay as Vincent says catches will continue to be subject to replay.

"If someone asks, 'What is a catch?'" Vincent said. "We can say, 'It's control, two feet and perform a football act.' OK, now that makes sense."

Yes, it does. Making my question “when did it ever stop making sense,” causing the league to change the rule to whatever what that ridiculousness was the past few seasons?


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