AMY SCHUMER: Why She Will Never Take Her Husband’s Name

Amy Schumer pledged to never take her husband’s name.

The reason is rather simple. In a surprise Valentine’s Day wedding, Amy married Chris Fischer. So if Amy changed her name, she’d share it with the teenage mistress of Joey Buttafuoco.

A brief history lesson: In the early '90s, an auto body shop owner named Joey Buttafuoco hooked up with 16-year-old Amy Fisher. Their affair blossomed and Amy believed she and Joey would run off together. The so-called “Long Island Lolita” confronted his wife and Amy shot her in the face. Amy Fisher served seven years in prison. After her release at age 24, Amy started a career in X-rated movies.

And that's the reason why Amy Schumer won't take her husband's name. 

(Entertainment Weekly)


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