REPORT: NFL Change To Pass Interference; But Not Clarifying Catches

Loos like the NFL Competition Committee isn’t just working on clarifying what is a catch by a wide receiver.

Looks like they are also trying to clarify what is isn’t.

Or at least, they’re trying to make some changes to penalties called on balls when they aren’t caught—specifically pass interference calls.

According to “The Washington Post,” there’s a chance that next season could see pass interference penalties more like college in which they all result in a standard 15-yard mark off.

So, just like in the NCAA, whether a PI penalty is called 20-yards or 60-yards down the field, is will be a uniform 15-yard penalty. In the NFL, it’s currently a spot penalty.

I can’t imagine this is a good idea, as it will slow down games with tons more penalties.

I mean, if a defensive back knows he’s beaten, why not just tackle the wide receiver?

What the committee needs to do is not to focus on changing when any PI penalty is called.

And by that, I simply mean “less often.”

I mean, no one has ever gone to an NFL game and said “Wow, great game! I just wish they had thrown more flags.”

Source: Sportsnaut


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