BON JOVI: Confirms Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Reunion

Bon Jovi will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, and fans can expect original members Richie Sambora and Alec John Such to be there. 

“We took that journey together at certain times as a group, and I think it’s wonderful we can re-enact that — not only for us, but for the fans,” Tico Torres says. “I think when you get together with old friends, there’s always going to be some deep emotions within that.”

Dave Bryan confirms that the reunited group will play “a couple of songs,” adding, “We’re really looking forward to that.” He also commented on how long it took for the band to finally get into the Hall. 

“It's a little late, but we're in the club," he shares. "It's a wonderful club to be in, from Elvis and the Beatles and the Stones, and you feel like it's definitely a club to be in. It's a great honor."

Source: Billboard


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