STORMY DANIELS: Has A Monica-Esque Dress

Looks like Stormy Daniels took a page out of the Monica Lewinskyplaybook and kept the dress she wore when she allegedly slept with Donald Trump. Now she’s going to have that outfit forensically tested for DNA to back up her story. 

Sources close to Stormy say that she kept the dress – a shimmering gold mini with a plunging neckline – in pristine condition since their alleged 2006 encounter in a hotel suite in Lake Tahoe. If the testing turns up any samples of skin, hair, or…whatever, it’ll prove her story is true. 

  • As we told you yesterday, Daniels believes a 2016 agreement made between her and attorney Michael Cohen has been breached – which means she’s free to talk about their time together. 

Source: The Blast


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