MICHAEL JACKSON: Did He Steal "Billie Jean" from Donna Summer?

In a recent interview with “New York” magazine, Quincy Jones accused Michael Jackson of stealing of a bunch of songs, including Donna Summer’s “State of Independence.” Well, apparently that prompted a lot of people to check out Donna’s song. 

According to Nielsen, ever since Quincy’s accusation, streams of the song have skyrocketed. The day and day after Quincy’s article was published, there were more than 150,000 on-demand audio and video streams of “State of Independence.” The two days before the interview, it had less than 2,000 streams, which means the song had a 12,000% increase in interest. Check out Donna Summer’s song to the right.

ONE MORE THING! Quincy also accused Jackson of stealing “Billie Jean,” which also prompted increased interest. Streaming of the hit was up 4% following the interview’s release.

Source: Billboard

 TMZ compares the songs...



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