MAN ARRESTED: For Threatening To Kill Steelers Players, Fans

Sure, you think yesterday’s Steeler loss is painful. But it almost became deadly!

A San Antonio man that was been arrested after allegedly threatening to kill Pittsburgh Steelers players at yesterday game.

According to an arrest affidavitsome jackass by the name of Yuttana Choochongkol wrote on the Heinz Filed website:

"This Sunday's playoff game in Pittsburgh is going to be like no other. Why? Because it's going to be my last day on this pathetic planet. So why not take some innocent lives with me? The Steelers game will be packed, and that's when I plan on killing Steelers football players and fans before taking my own pitiful life. After all, what does a person that is going to commit suicide have to lose? Absolutely nothing. So why not take out some million-dollar Steelers players before me? Sounds like a good idea. Hahahahahah"

The man apparently sent the threat to Pittsburgh’s KDKA station as well and officials forwarded them to the FBI, which tracked down Choochongkol’s user name and internet provider’s address. The threats were then tracked to Worldwide Clinical Trials in San Antonio. The affidavit states that, according to Worldwide Clinical Trials, Choochongkol has been a medical trial subject 25 times over the last seven years.

Looks like the company is oh-for-25 when it comes to curing stupid.

Nice catch by the Pittsburgh authorities.

The Steelers could have used a few more nice catches themselves yesterday losing to the Jags 45-35.

Source: Washington Post 



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