WINTER STORM: Gonna Pack A Wallop This Weekend

While a number of people got to enjoy a White Christmas, millions are now in the cross-hairs of a pair of storm systems may attempt to come together to create a frigid New Years. All this as the East Coast faces more snow and icy conditions on top of what’s already been a serious winter blast.

In this case, forecasters say one storm is forecast to sweep across the Midwest with snow. But the other is projected to move northward after bring icy precipitation to parts of the South. If the storm systems merge, then the areas that have been hit with heavy lake-effect snow in recent days will see a repeat.

At the moment, it looks like New England stands the best chance of being slammed with several inches of snow from Saturday daytime into Saturday night. But if the storms come together quickly near the New Jersey or Delaware coasts, then accumulating snow could target boththe mid-Atlantic and New England. That means significant snow is possible from Philadelphia and New York City all the way up to Boston and even Portland, Maine.

Source: AccuWeather


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