What Were The Most Watched Shows This Year?

When it came to the small screen this past year, people tuned in to football and Sheldon Cooper. According to Nielsen ratings, "Sunday Night Football" and "The Big Bang Theory" were the most watched TV programs of the year,  each pulling in an average of 18.5-million viewers weekly. 

In case you missed it, "The Good Doctor," "Young Sheldon" and "NCIS" rounded out the top five. Check out the full list below: 

  1. "Sunday Night Football" - 18.5-million
  2. "Big Bang Theory" - 18.5-million
  3. "The Good Doctor" - 17.9-million
  4. "Young Sheldon" - 17.7-million
  5. "NCIS" - 17.7-million
  6. "This Is Us" - 16.5-million
  7. "America's Got Talent" (Tuesday) - 16-million
  8. "The Walking Dead" - 14.7-million
  9. "American's Got Talent" (Wednesday) -14.6-million
  10. "Bull" - 14.4-million

Source: Business Insider


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