Man Who Spent $26K To Look Like David Beckham Has Some Regrets

There are probably plenty of guys who wish they looked like David Beckham. British 21-year-old Jack Johnson went under the knife to turn himself into the soccer star and now, more than $26-thousand later, he has some regrets.

When Johnson's story first hit the news circuit last year, he says he was offered free procedures. Then, the pressure and notoriety became too much. “I tried to take my own life because trying to look like Beckham is a full time job and is not easy,” he admits. “Trying to look like Beckham nearly killed me and I don’t want others to make the same mistake.”

Johnson is working on reversing his procedures and paying off his $18-thousand-700 in debts. He also says he's going to therapy and feels like he's in the "best place ever" now.

Source: Mirror



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