Here Are The Snacks Santa Can Expect When He Comes Down The Chimney

We all know that there’s a lot that goes into a Christmas celebration, whether it’s getting the right gifts, decorating the house or filling the stockings. And anyone with kids can’t forget the most important part of Christmas Eve – the snacks for Santa.

A new poll finds that 71% of Americans leave a snack out for Santa, as well as his reindeer, and it seems some folks like to be a bit unique with their treat. Not surprising, cookies are still the most popular snack left for Old Saint Nick, with 82% of folks leaving them out, along with milk (51%). But one or two Santas may be surprised when they make their late-night visit.

Other Santa snacks include:

  • Eggnog (11%)
  • Chocolate (11%)
  • Candy canes (10%)
  • Vegetables (9%)
  • Fruit (7%)
  • Alcohol (6%)
  • Chips (6%)
  • Cheese (6%)
  • Sandwich (5%)
  • Other (2%)

Source: Delta Dental


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