TOP 10: Manly Christmas Movies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good argument over whether or not “Die Hard’s” a Christmas movie. Any right-thinking man will say unequivocally “yes”, while most women will roll their eyes at those very same men. Why end it there though? There are a whole slew of movies that, just because of the time frame they take place in, could fire up another Christmas movie throw down. Let’s jump into it.

  • "Die Hard" - Merry Christmas, Yippee-Ki-Yay!!!
  • “Gremlins” – There’s one of the little monsters in a Santa hat, after all.
  • “Rocky IV” – The fight against the towering Russian happens on Jesus’ birthday.
  • “Batman Returns” – It’s Christmas in Gotham with the Penguin and Catwoman.
  • “Lethal Weapon” – It starts with “Jingle Bell Rock” for God’s sake.
  • “Trading Places” – You couldn’t have the New Year’s train ride if Christmas wasn’t right before it.
  • “Die Hard 2” – How else are you going to drive up a body count than the threat of a busy airport over the holiday.
  • “Iron Man 3” – The worst of the three, but it DOES happen over Christmas time…so it counts.
  • “Krampus” – There’s a whole lot of awesome going on in this one. Gather the whole family around.
  • “The Ref” – One of Denis Leary’s finest moments as a burglar that botched a heist over the holiday.

At least one of these is sure to fire up a good debate…so go have fun with it.

Source: Maxim


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