DAVID CASSIDY: The Last Song on Stage

Just over a week after David Cassidy's death, we're getting a look at the final song from his final concert on March 4th in New York.

Rolling Stone has posted the video of "I Think I Love You," as well as Cassidy's comments before the band kicked in.

Referencing his recent TV appearance on which he revealed his dementia, the onetime teen idol recalled being asked what he wanted his legacy to be. He explained, "I never think about it. I guess the fact that everything I did in my life was to bring light and love into all of the world that I was able to touch, because you gave that to me a 100,000 times. So this, as long as I have breath in my body, ignoring laryngitis, I'm going to sing this song for the rest of my life and it is something that I treasure."

As the song -- as much of a sing-along as a memorable performance -- ended, David accepted a bouquet of flowers from a fan and left the stage for the final time.



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