HOT ITEM: This Cardigan Has A 30,000 Person Waiting List

Sometimes an item comes along that people want so much, they’re willing to wait in long lines just to get their hands on one, like the iPhone X. And sometimes when they can’t wait in actual line, they’re willing to add their names to a long waiting list, for the chance to be the proud owner of the highly sought after thing.

We get it when it’s something like an incredible purse, or a hot new skincare product, but now there’s actually a sweater with a HUGE waiting list and we are a bit confused. The sweater in question is The Barry Cardigan, $120 from French-girl-approved brand Sézane and it’s not your Nana’s cardigan.

This one’s made of mohair and since it’s release in September, it’s sold out multiple times. Now it’s got a waiting list of 30,000 people standing by for the chance to own one. And it’s pretty cool - it’s designed to be worn with the buttons in the front or the back, and it slips off the shoulder in that casually sexy way - but 30,000 is a massive amount of people who want to wear this sweater. If it sounds like your thing, get ready - they’re restocking November 29.

Source: Whimn



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