KEVIN SPACEY: Replaced From Finished Movie, Will Be Released Next Month

Director Ridley Scott has recast Kevin Spacey's role in a movie that’s already been shot, edited and due to be released next month.

Spacey played the role of real-life oil billionaire J. Paul Getty in a drama called All The Money In The World. His part has been recast and goes to veteran actor Christopher Plummer.

In short order, Plummer and primary actors Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlbergwill return to shoot key scenes. They agreed that Spacey needed to be gone from their movie, so they’ve altered their schedules to quickly finish the reshoots – hopefully before Thanksgiving.

Sony Pictures coughed up the extra cash to pay for this rushed filming. It’s worth the investment. Otherwise, the theaters would probably be empty for a movie starring accused sexual predator Kevin Spacey. 

(Deadline Hollywood)



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