MICK JAGGER: Was He Cheating On His Pregnant Girlfriend?

As we previously told you, Mick Jagger has been linked to 23-year-old Noor Alfallah, but a new report suggest their relationship may not be that new.

In case you missed it, according to the “Daily Mail,” the 74-year-old Rolling Stone frontman was involved with the Kuwaiti-American heiress while his previous girlfriend, ballerina Melanie Hamrick, was pregnant with their son Deveraux. He was even still living with Melanie at the time.

“They have been intimate for two nearly two years, and everyone in Mick’s close circle knows about her,” a source says Alfallah. “Noor is a fantastic girl, and Mick adores her. He is her first serious boyfriend.”

Mick reportedly kept the relationship a secret to spare Melanie any embarrassment. “The relationship started in the shadows, but once Melanie’s baby was born last December, Noor and Mick started being less discreet,” a source adds, noting that now, “Melanie considers herself Mick’s number one girlfriend.”

Source: The Daily Mail


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