HARVEY WEINSTEIN: Spied on Victims to Silence Them

Harvey Weinstein is an even worse human being than previously believed.

A bombshell report reveals how Weinstein silenced his sexual assault victims by spying and compiling blackmail material on them. Weinstein hired private investigators trained by the Israeli spy agency called Mossad.

He coordinated with an executive at the National Enquirer. They exchanged emails on how the tabloid might tarnish the reputations of Weinstein’s many accusers. His hired spies would provide the sleaze.

Spies tricked Harvey's most vocal critic, Rose McGowan, into an interview by posing as feminist activists. They secretly recorded four conversations with McGowan, who Harvey eventually offered her one million dollars in hush money. She spoke up about Weinstein rather than take his cash.  (New Yorker)


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