STAR WARS: Did Adam Driver Drop A Big "Last Jedi" Hint?

Did Adam Driver leak something major about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi?” You be the judge. The mysterious origins of Rey – played by Daisy Ridley – are expected to be explored in the film. However, Driver, who plays her rival Kylo Ren, may have dropped a hint about who she actually is. 

Driver told GQ that JJ Abrams had an idea about the characters having layers. For instance, he described Kylo as a vulnerable kid who becomes someone else when he puts his mask on. Then he said, “You have, also, the hidden identity of this princess who’s hiding who she really is so she can survive...” 

The “princess” designation drew attention from fans who linked the title to Princess Leia. They also think that Han Solo is Rey’s dad, which would extend her royal lineage. We’ll find out all when “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” hits theaters on December 15th. 

Source: GQ


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