HALLOWEEN: Every State Has A Creepy Urban Legend

Happy Halloween, you groovy ghoulies! If you’ve lived in your particular state for any length of time then you know all about the biggest creepy legends that surround you. Thrillist has put together a rundown of the top ones from each state. If you want to put together an annual spooky road trip itinerary, then this is a pretty good place to start. Here are some highlights:

  • Dead Children’s Playground (Alabama) – A playground next to Huntsville’s Maple Hill Cemetary. It’s said that the kids buried in the cemetery also play there.
  • Skinwalkers (Arizona) – From Native American folklore. If you’re driving at night, and hear a tap on your window…look out for this shape-shifting flesh-eater.
  • Dudleytown (Connecticut) – If you dare steal an artifact from this place, you can consider yourself cursed for life. Keep your eyes open for “floating orbs of light” and “wolf-like” black shadows, too.
  • Skunk Ape (Florida) – It’s said to be a relative of Bigfoot. Coming in a 5-7-feet tall, and 450 pounds, with an odor akin to “rotting garbage”.
  • Italian Bride (Illinois) – In 1921, a woman died during childbirth, and was buried in her wedding dress. Now, unusual activity’s been reported near her gravesite.
  • Stull’s Gateway To Hell (Kansas) – The Devil himself is said to have once been a resident of Stull. The town cemetery and church are said to be a portal to his permanent home down below.
  • Melonheads (Ohio) – No…it’s not a candy treat. It’s a legend about “genetically altered children” with huge heads and razor-sharp teeth that enjoy feasting on babies. Yuck.
  • Charlie No-Face (Pennsylvania) – Also known as “The Glowing Green Man”. If your call mysterious stalls near Piney Fork Tunnel, then you know trouble’s nearby. (JONNY: The legend is based on a real person by the name of Raymond "Ray" Robinsonwho lived in Beaver County)

Source: Thrillist


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