ROBERT RODRIQUEZ: Cast Rose McGowan To Get Back At Weinstein

It turns out Rose McGowan's role in "Grindhouse" was a jab at Harvey Weinstein. Or at least that's what director Robert Rodriguez is claiming. According to Rodriguez, after Rose told him she'd been blacklisted from auditioning for Weinstein-produced movies, he decided to create a character for her in his next movie, which was produced by The Weinstein Company. 

"Casting Rose in a leading role in my next movie felt like the right move to make at the time," Rodriguez says, "to literally make him pay."

"Grindhouse" got good reviews and according to Rodriguez, it's a fan favorite. He also claims Harvey buried the movie on purpose, simply because it starred McGowan. "And because we did not want to risk getting sued, we never spoke publicly about the matter," he adds. "It would have been much easier on both of us if we could have just revealed why we were doing it."

Now, Rodriguez says we need to focus on sexual assault prevention. "Once a predator strikes, it’s simply too late," he explains. "We have to stop these actions from happening to begin with through education, harsher consequences, and zero tolerance. We must ensure that justice is served and demand cultural change in our country so that this never happens again."

Source: Variety 



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