Kenny Rogers And Dolly Parton Reveal Why They Never Got Romantic

Kenny Rogers was celebrated last night in Nashville with a star-studded goodbye concert at the Bridgestone Arena, and his good friend Dolly Parton was there to wish him farewell.

Before the event, Kenny and Dolly sat down for an interview with “Today,” where they set the record straight about why nothing romantic ever went on between them. "First of all, she's hard to look at for me,'' Kenny joked, while Dolly added, "I'm not his type.”

Besides, Kenny’s convinced that their songs like “Islands in the Stream” and “Real Love,” were better because of it. “I'm a believer that tension is better if you keep it than if you satisfy it,'' he explains. "And then secondly, she said no to me."

Dolly was quick to point out that the last bit wasn’t untrue. “You know what, we were almost like brother and sister,'' she added. "And it would almost be like incest. So we just never went there." Be sure to check back tomorrow for all the scoop on Kenny's Nashville farewell show.

ONE MORE THING! In case you missed it, earlier this week Kenny received a star on the Music City Walk of Fame. "This was, believe it or not, my last thing on my bucket list," Kenny added. "I've been doing really well, and I realized that I really didn't have Nashville acceptance. I wasn't country in the sense of Johnny Cash and those guys, and I knew it... So gradually, music caught up to me."

Source: Today



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