JIMI HENDRIX: His Note to a Foxy Lady Fetches $7500

The "Foxy Lady" that Jimi Hendrix jumped off a stage to meet has just sold the note he sent to her for $7500.

Anthea Connell was 19 when the guitar god walked over to her at a Lincolnshire, England concert hall -- and then wrote a message on the back of a guitar strings package. Hendrix's note reads: "To Anthea, Love and kisses to you forever. I wish I could really talk to you. Stay sweet, Jimi Hendrix."

After holding onto the memento for a half-century, she tells Britain's Daily Mail she sold it to pay for a trip to New Zealand for her husband and herself. Adding that it "exceeded any expectations," Connell hopes "Jimi would approve. It's certainly a bit more rock 'n' roll than buying a new boiler or [insulating your windows]."



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