WEINSTEIN: One Weinstein Resigns, Another Gets Accused

It's a bad day for the Weinstein family. As we previously reported, Harvey Weinstein was set to call in to a meeting of the board of directors at The Weinstein Company while away at a treatment center in Arizona. He did.

It seems the call went on as planned and Harvey officially resigned from the company. It's unclear, however, what will happen to the 23% stake of TWC that he owns. So far, no lawsuits have been launched against Weinstein or TWC, but that could change. 

Meanwhile, brother Bob Weinstein who was said to be "livid" over his brother's actions, is being accused of sexual harassment too.Amanda Segel, who was the showrunner and executive producer of TWC's series “The Mist,” tells "Variety" that Bob repeatedly hit on her and and asked her out to dinner despite her saying no to him. Segel says Bob only stopped after she threatened to leave the show. “‘No’ should be enough,” she notes. “After ‘no,’ anybody who has asked you out should just move on. Bob kept referring to me that he wanted to have a friendship. He didn’t want a friendship. He wanted more than that. My hope is that ‘no’ is enough from now on.”

  • Weinstein vehemently denies any harassment took place. “'Variety’s' story about Bob Weinstein is riddled with false and misleading assertions by Ms. Segel and we have the emails to prove it," Bob's lawyer Bert Fields says in a statement. "But even if you believe what she says it contains not a hint of any inappropriate touching or even any request for such touching. There is no way in the world that Bob Weinstein is guilty of sexual harassment, and even if you believed what this person asserts there is no way it would amount to that.”

Source: Deadline 


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