PATRIOTS: Are The Cheatriots Back Cheatin'??!?!?!?!

The Jets may have made NFL history yesterday when for the first time in history when a player fumbled a ball away—without ever fumbling the ball away.

It happened on this controversial—to say the least—call late in the second half when it looked as though the Jets appeared to have cut the New England Patriots’ lead to 24-20 when tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins fought his way through a couple of defenders and into the end zone for what was initially ruled a touchdown.

However, officials ruled upon review that Seferian-Jenkins lost control of the ball before he broke the plane and regained possession after his body was already out of bounds. But the few seconds he was not in control of the ball were the ones when he was falling through the endzone out of bounds—that it was a touchback and the Patriots ball.

Even though he was holding the ball when the play ended.

And while all of Twitter went crazy calling the reversal everything from baffling to ridiculous—the Pats took the back the ball and the 10-point lead.

And then played something else the remaining eight minutes—"keep away” in the in the 24-17 win.

Meanwhile, the win gave Tom Brady the NFL record for regular-season victories by a quarterback with 187.

And that probably won’t be reversed anytime soon.



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