VIKINGS': Fantastic TD Celebration Inspires Amusing Debate

In case you missed it on Monday night, the Minnesota Vikings debuted without question one of the best group celebrations so far this season with a creative and choreographed tribute to Duck, Duck, Goose.

Wait, did any of you out there say, “you mean Duck, Duck, Gray Duck?”

If you did, I’m guessing you’re a Vikings fan.

See, because the celebration was just the start of a far more contested game that went on for hours after the NFL game ended.

As players took a seat in the end zone, Kyle Rudolph who scored the TD, moved around the circle of teammates, mimicking how the children’s game is played and when he touched the last helmet he touched off a debate across the country.

Because in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I guess they have more Grey Ducks than geese, which is why when Rudolph—who was born in Ohio ended the game yelling “goose”—locals everywhere set twitter into a debate saying he should have said Gray Duck.

“Apparently in Minnesota they call it duck, duck, gray duck,” Rudolph said. “We call it duck, duck, goose.”

And by “we,” Rudolph means the rest of the country as a 2013 survey—is this where our money goes?—verified that outside of Minnesota every other one of the other 49 states says “goose.”

And speaking of which, the Vikes better figure out what is going on with Sam Bradford who looked awful before being yanked in the first half of Monday’s game.

Or their goo—I mean Gray Duck is cooked.

Source: Sportress Of Blogitude



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