GEORGE MICHAEL: Reveals His Heartache In Final Interview

A  new documentary about George Michael, “George Michael Freedom,” is set to premiere October 21st on Showtime, and it will feature the final interview given by the singer. In the 90-min doc, Michael discusses the heartache of losing the love of his life, Anselmo Feleppa, to AIDS, as well as the equal heartache of losing his mother to cancer, and how both affected his life and career. 

“From the day I found out about my partner to the day I can say I was on the mend from my mother, it was just constant fear. It was either fear of death, or fear of the next bereavement,” Michael says, according to "The Mirror." “I’d never felt that kind of depression. It was the darkest time.”

Michael died on Christmas Day, and eerily the documentary reveals that the holiday already represented some of the worst moments in the singer’s life.

Michael talks of waiting on Christmas Day 1991 to find out whether Anselmo was HIV positive, calling it “the darkest, most frightening time in my life.” Feleppa died in March of 1993. Then in December of 1996, George’s mother Lesley was told her cancer was terminal, and was allowed to go home to spend her final Christmas with her family.

“I was so crushed and felt so bloody picked on by the gods,” he says of her death in 1997. “For all of my adult life she was phenomenal. Terrible, horrible loss.” He adds, “I’d never felt that kind of depression. It was something different to grief. It was on top of grief, I was grieving for my mother still, but it was something else. It was the darkest time.”

Source: The Mirror



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