Did Matt Damon And Russell Crowe Help Bury The Harvey Weinstein Story?

Could we have found out about Harvey Weinstein's seedy behind the scenes behavior sooner? According to one reporter, yes. Sharon Waxman used to write for the "New York Times" and she claims her 2004 article uncovering Weinstein was gutted and buried, thanks in part to Matt Damon and Russell Crowe

In case you missed it, Waxman says she traveled to multiple countries to figure out what was going on with Fabrizio Lombardo, who was the head of Miramax Italy. Lombardo was paid $400-thousand for less than a year of work and it's been rumored that he was hired simply to to find women for Weinstein. What's more, Waxman alleges that she talked to a girl who was reportedly paid off by Weinstein. 

So why wasn't there a scandal 13 years ago? Waxman says not only did her editor at the "New York Times" downplay the importance of the story, but Weinstein put pressure on the paper, including having Matt Damonand Russell Crowe call the reporter directly to defend Lombardo.

Source: The Wrap 


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