NAKED: What It's Really Like At A Nudist Sex Resort

The sex travel business is booming. It’s not to be confused with sex tourism, which is when people travel somewhere to have sex with prostitutes. Sex travel is for folks who like to get naked and get wild at resorts and beaches, sometimes having sex with each other. Writer Meagan Drillinger went to Hedonism II, a nudist resort that calls itself an “adult playground” in Negril, Jamaica to check it out and this is what she learned.

There is nudity- The resort is divided into two sides: Prude and Nude. The Prude side is clothing optional, but to get into the Nude side, you’ve gotta leave your clothes off.

You’re going to be hit on - At Hedo, as those “in the know” call it, people are there to live out their sexual fantasies – but in a safe and consensual environment. So you can expect to be hit on, but if a person or a couple invites you to hook up and you’re not into it, you can say “no thanks” and the resort has a zero tolerance for consent violations or creepy behavior.

There will be sex- Even if it’s not you getting it, you can expect to see a lot of action.

The guests are surprisingly attractive - Most of them are fit couples in their early 40s through late 50s and for the most part, they’re pretty good-looking.

Fetish Night is an amazing time- Wednesday is Fetish Night at Hedo, so expect a scene of leather, Cirque du Soleil-level acrobatics, with half-naked people dangling from ropes, and riding crops. What else would you expect?

The people are lovely – They might be nudists or folks indulging their wildest fantasies for a week, but Drillinger says they’re some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

You could end up having sex in public- If you’re into that sort of thing, you could end up in “the playroom” at midnight, where anything goes as long as you’re polite and ask first. Hey, what did you expect?

This place is called Hedonism!

Source:Women's Health

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