COP: Fakes Out Crowd...Then Leads Crowd With Cheer

When Appleton, Wisconsin police officer Jack Taschner showed up in the stands at a high school football game on a recent Friday night, the crowd thought he was there to deal with an unruly fan. But he surprised everyone when he led fans in the school’s famous “drive the bus” cheer.

Taschner has been the school resource officer for Appleton East for two years, so he’s seen students do the “drive the bus” cheer before at games. So he planned the whole thing with a student’s help and the crowd went wild when he “took the wheel.”

"It was a blast. It's good for the rapport-building part of the job," Taschner says. "To be honest, a lot of the kids in the stands aren't the ones I normally deal with. So it's nice to get to know them."

Source: USA Today



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