LOVERBOY: Show Goes on Thanks to a Pinch Hitter

A recent Loverboy show was saved by a pinch hitter. During Friday night's show in Everett, Washington, Mike Reno's voice gave out after a few songs. In the audience that night was Steve Fournier, who sings in a Foreigner tribute band called Fever 103. He passed word on to Loverboy that he knew their catalog and would be available to fill in.

Loverboy's manager Jonathan Wolfson tells us, "When someone comes up and can mesh with the band without any rehearsal, it's an incredible thing."

Reno showed his gratitude by giving Fournier the headband he wears onstage.

Fortunately, Mike has several weeks to get his voice back. Loverboy's next gig is Britain's Rockingham Festival on October 22nd.

Here's Fournier's performance with Loverboy on "Turn Me Loose."



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