COPPERHEAD: Bites Woman Inside LongHorn Steakhouse

All Rachel Myrick wanted was to grab a bite to eat with her family at a local LongHorn Steakhouse, but what she got was a snakebite - and a hospital bill! As the story goes, Myrick and her family were walking into the LongHorn in Fredericksburg, Virginia when she felt a pain in her foot. 

At first, Myrick thought it was a bee she brushed it off. But then she looked down - and saw an eight-inch-long copperhead snake! Understandably, Myrick says she freaked out and started yelling. Looking down and seeing what was wrapped around Myrick's foot, her boyfriend stomped on the serpent and killed it, but not before she got bitten twice more. 

It's unknown how exactly the snake made its way inside the restaurant, but it's suspected that it came from a nearby pond. After spending five-days in the hospital, Myrick is expected to make a full recovery in about three months.  To see pictures of the critter...or her bitten foot (which is CRAZY!), CLICK HERE.

Source: WTOP



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