SCARY MOMENT: Little Girl Hit by Foul Ball at Yankee's Game

You would think yesterday was a great day for the Yankees with the them winning their fifth straight game, Didi Gregorius passing Derek Jeter for the most home runs by a Yankees shortstop and young stars Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez hitting back to back jacks in the third inning of the 11-3 win over the Twins.

But it turned out to be a very tough day for many Yankee players, especially Yankee Todd Frazier.

That’s because in the bottom of the fifth inning Frazier hit a 105 mile-an-hour line drive into foul territory that struck a young female toddler who was attending the game with her grandparents.

And while we couldn’t see it, Frazier did, and immediately dropped down into a squat position after seeing where the ball went.

The game was delayed for about five minutes as medics attended to her before she was taken to the hospital, while visibly upset Frazier and teary-eyed Matt Holliday looked on.

The Yankees declined to talk about her status, citing privacy laws but Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he was told by members of the team's security staff that the girl was doing okay.

Let’s pray she is.

Oh and worth noting, over the summer the Yankees said they were "seriously exploring" extending the netting—which currently ends at the home-plate side of each dugout—for the 2018 season.

“Serious” just reached a whole new level.

Source: ESPN



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