DOLPHINS: Suspend Lawrence Timmons Indefinitely

In case you missed it on Sunday morning, the Miami Dolphins were in Los Angeles to face the Chargers in their first game in the city of Angels.

Well, all except one, former Steeler Lawrence Timmons who was nowhere to be found as the veteran was basically AWOL before the game.

Regardless of where he was last week, we now know where he won’t be for the next week: in the Miami sidelines after the team announced yesterday that they had suspended Timmons indefinitely.

Timmons was reportedly found at the airport on Sunday after the team filed a missing persons report. And before you say, “Hey, maybe he didn’t get the offseason memo and was flying to San Diego for the Charger game,” it was then that he admitted to the team that he was leaving for personal reasons.

In all honesty, Timmons seemed to have a legitimate reason saying he was flying to Pittsburgh to see his baby daughter.

But the Dolphins believed the event was a behavioral, rather than a medical issue.

Yeah if you are in a family emergency the first thing you do is tell your team or at least leave a note on your locker, “…Heading home for the weekend, please slide seven figure paycheck under door.”


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