EAGLES: Were Close to Quitting, Until This Happened

Don Henley says if Glenn Frey's son Deacon hadn't wanted to help fill the void left by his late father, the Eagles most likely wouldn't have flown again.

Speaking to the Seattle Times ahead of Classic Northwest on September 30th, Henley says he first approached Frey's widow, Cindy, before asking Deacon. "I don’t think he was expecting it, but once it sank in, he was in."

Henley says the two shows they did this summer -- Classic West and Classic East -- were a "strange mixture of grief and celebration,” adding that they will "never get over the loss of Glenn. But over time, you learn how to live with it.”

Not only is Glenn's spirit still with the band, Deacon resembles his dad. Henley says, "It’s uncanny... I look out from the drums to where Deacon is standing and his hair is exactly the same as his father’s was in 1976. He’s taller, but looking at him from the back there, it’s freaky.”

And Deacon, who never played to such large audiences, was very composed. "He decided that rather than living in his father’s shadow, he would pick up the torch and carry it forward. We are extremely proud of him, and we know his father would be.”

Also helping to fill in was Vince Gill, who will be with them at Classic Northwest and on their short tour in October.

Henley was on stage Friday in Boston, joining Paul Simon at the Global Environmental Leadership Awards on "Mrs. Robinson" and "The Boxer." Henley hosted the event, which benefited his Walden Woods Project.   


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