SINEAD O'CONNOR: Opens Up To Dr. Phil

Sinead O’Connor opened up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother during an episode this week of “Dr. Phil.” In case you missed it, Sinead detailed her struggle with mental illness, opening up about her relationship with her mother who she said “ran a torture chamber.” 

Sinead told Dr. Phil her mother was upset she was a girl so she would do things to destroy her femininity, like cut her hair and dress her in boys clothing. She’d also “stomp” on her abdomen. “She wants to burst my womb,” she said. “She wants to destroy my reproductive system. She wants to stop me from being a female.”

Sinead says her mental break stemmed from a hysterectomy she had two years ago, noting “I lost my mind after that...Hormones were everywhere, I became suicidal — I was a basket case.” She also said that because her mother used to try to destroy her reproductive organs the hysterectomy was “triggering.” At the same time her ten-year-old child was put into foster care behind her back so she couldn’t see him. “My family left the child there for six months” she explained. “That’s what made me lose my absolute mind, was they kept me from my most vulnerable child.”

  • Sinead also told Dr. Phil that she was sexually abused and raped many times, which was part of the reason she cut her hair off. “I didn't want to be pretty,” she said. “And it was dangerous to be pretty, too, because I kept getting raped and molested everywhere I went." 
  • On a positive note, Dr. Phil also passed on an offer from producer David Foster to work on new music, which she seemed up for. She said, “writing would do me so much good, to start making some bloody music!" 

Source: USA Today



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