STEELERS: ESPN Has News On Le'Veon Bell

If you’re a Steelers fan, I don’t need to tell you that running back Le’Veon Bell has been holding out of training camp after he and the team failed to come to a long-term agreement on a contract extension.

But according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Bell will return to the Steelers before the regular season.


Well…that’s not as clear-cut as black and yellow, I mean white.

Recently, Lev'Bell's teammates have been begging him to come back as soon as possible with teammate Maurkice Pouncey even going so far as to offer a year’s worth of salary to get Bell to report.

Not like Bell needs his chump change as when he does return, even if it is under the current franchise tender—is expected to be over $12-million bucks.

Hopefully, he’s using some of the money he’s made on a personal trainer, because, when he’s healthy, no running back can do what Bell can. In 12 games last year, he averaged 157 yards per contest.

Problem is, he hasn’t played a full season since 2014.

And when he went down with a groin injury in the playoffs, the Steelers offense fell apart.

And don’t think he doesn’t know that…which is why is he is still holding out.

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