GOOD NEWS: Childless Seniors Are Being “Adopted”

Thanks to social media, some aging, single baby boomers don’t have to feel so alone. Carol Marak, editor of the website SeniorCare.comstarted a Facebook group for “elder orphans” - or seniors without children, partners, or close relatives. The group now has over 5,000 members to help them find the support they need.

The Elder Orphans group is restricted to those 55 and older who live alone. And while many members are still independent, most recognize that they’ll eventually need help with basic needs, things other seniors can depend on family members to provide. Their group helps members feel like they’re not alone and they help each other prepare for and recover from surgery, too.

“Most of the members are very grateful to have found us, and realize that there are so many more like them,” Marak says. “We all share the same grievances, the same hardships and challenges.”

Source: Life Matters Media


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