DANIEL CRAIG: Returns for James Bond 25

It is official: Daniel Craig is returning for a fifth James Bond movie.

He confirmed it last night with Stephen Colbert. (quote) “We've been discussing it. We've just been trying to figure things out. I always wanted to, I needed a break.”

During his hiatus, Daniel Craig seemed be dragging his feet or even campaigning to be fired. He told a reporter two years ago there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that he’d return as Bond, (quote) “I’d rather slash my wrists.”

The still unnamed James Bond movie will be the 25th in the franchise. Rumors have swirled that Adele is likely providing the theme song for Bond 25. 

Only 813 days (as of Wednesday) until the next Bond movie comes out!  But who's counting??!?!?!?

(The Hollywood Reporter)

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