CCR: Compilation Showcases Them Before They Were Famous

Creedence Clearwater Revival will offer fans what amounts to a prequel of the band.

Due September 29th, The Golliwogs' Fight Fire showcases the third band formed by Tom and John Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford. The compilation packs all of the group's singles and B-sides, plus several unreleased '60s recordings. The foursome first played together as The Blue Velvets, then evolved into The Visions -- one of whose singles was picked up by the San Francisco radio station where a pre-countdown king Casey Kasem was a DJ.

The Bay Area label Fantasy Records changed their name to The Golliwogs -- which may have suggested Jolly Old England during the British Invasion. But the word was used for a blackfaced children's book character that was popular in Britain and Australia -- and by the '60s reeked of incorrectness.

In 1967, with just one local San Francisco hit to their credit, they changed the name once more -- to Creedence Clearwater Revival. The fourth time proved to be the charm -- and their unique mix of swamp rock and psychedelic sounds made them stars.



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