SINEAD O’CONNOR: Posts Disturbing Suicidal Video from New Jersey Motel

Sinead O’Connor is again sharing her suicidal thoughts.

The 50-year-old singer posted a “frantic video” to Facebook. Thousands have shared the video, which has been viewed nearly 700,000 times.

In the video, recorded in a motel room, her mental illness is on full display. Sinead does not look or act well. She lashes out at her estranged family. (quote) “Suddenly, all the people who are supposed to be loving you or taking care of you treat you like [crap].”

Sinead claims they abandoned her because of her three mental illnesses (quote) “I'm now living in a Travelodge hotel in the arse end of New Jersey. I'm all by myself and there's absolutely nobody in my life except my doctor, my psychiatrist. And that's kind of pathetic.”

She explains her circumstances. (quote) “People who suffer from mental illness are the most vulnerable. You’ve got to take care of us.” 




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